Ink Consumption Questions

Here’s the scenario:

> On Tuesday I switched to Piezography inks and filled my 2880 with a new set of inks 1 to 7 Plus GO
> From Tuesday to Wednesday I printed approximately a dozen 13x19 sized prints on JC5, HAN and/or Moab Entrada
> This morning I visually inspected each cart in order to learn how much ink had been consumed by the 12 prints
> As I anticipated, the ink supply was down slightly in every cart (the GO a little more than the others), but the surprise was in the LM cart with Shade 5: it was virtually empty, and the warning light had not activated.

The questions:

> Is it typical for the ink consumption level of a single shade to be that different? If not, what could have caused such a difference?
> Any ideas as to why the warning light didn’t come on?


Hi Robert~

Shade 5 prints across the mid-tones, so is an ink that prints a lot. To check if the cartridge physical ink level is correct or unusually low, check the Status Monitor in your Epson utilities to see what your printer reads for remaining ink levels in the carts, then push the ink change button of your printer and check/compare the physical ink levels.
I remember when we removed the set of Epson carts from your printer, that the LM cart was almost empty, though the others all had ink remaining.

Are you having any issues with missing nozzles or sections in your printed nozzle checks, and/or drips on paper during printing?

Please let me know how your status monitor reading compares to the physical ink level, if you have further questions or there’s anything else I can help you with.

Warmly~ Dana :slight_smile:

Thanks, Dana:

> The status monitor and my physical inspection are in sync; I just checked. In fact, Shade 5 is down a quarter after I re-ran a single test picture which has enormous areas of black. (I’d show you the image, but the forum site won’t upload the picture for some reason).

> I’m wondering, however, why the warning light didn’t come on and indicate that Shade 5 was empty. It was only by chance that I discovered it because I was curious about consumption.

> After I refilled the cart I did a nozzle check and one shade’s nozzle was a bit off. Cleaning corrected it.

> No drips.

So, I now understand that inks will be consumed at wildly different rates. Just concerned that the warning lights, at least on Shade 5, might not alert me.

Best, Rob’t :cool:

In my experience, shade 5 is used a lot faster than all the other shades. It’s one of the downsides of the small cart printers. Imho there are more upsides than down for many people.

That’s reassuring, Brian. Thanks!

Does anyone have a guess as to why the low ink warning light didn’t come on? Can anyone suggest what to do about it?

If the status monitor levels are matching the physical cartridge ink levels, that’s a good sign.

The printer should indicate when a cart is low or empty and needs to be replaced, and in my past experience I recall this happening correctly, but recently when I’ve been working with a R2880, I look at the status monitor, then check/compare the physical carts, and refill any that are about 1/4 or so full, then manually reset the chips, so I don’t give the printer a chance to warn me of low carts…