Ink coming off with gel brush


Somehow I got into painting Golden Transparent Gels on prints to make them look like an oil painting. However, the pigment ink is coming off on the brush even though the test prints have been around for a week or more before getting into this mess.

Would running the finished pigment print through the other printer with the K7 Piezo Gloss Optimizer (clear ink?) cart, with say a 30,000 coating in QTR, stop the pigment ink from coming off? Sort of a protective varnish coating? That or resort to a Premier Art Shield spray or Hahnemühle Protective spray which will be messy.




Hi Mack,
The Piezography curves put down a lot of ink. About 35-40% more ink than the Epson drivers. So sealing this first may be helpful to your process. But I hope this helps you understand more for your process. Please share back your solution.