Ink Colors in Flush Kit do not Match Ink Colors in Printer

The colors marked on the empty cartridges in the flush kit for the Epson 7890 do not match the colors of the ink cartridges in the printer.
Printer ink colors:
Vivid Magenta
Light Black
Light Light Black
Vivid Light Magenta
Light Cyan
Matte Black
Photo Black

Ink colors in flush kit for Epson 7890:
Light Magenta
*Light Black
*Matte Black
*Light Cyan
*Light Light Black
The asterisks indicate colors that match in both lists.
I checked our order to make sure that we ordered the correct kit and it appears that we did. The order number is S0307480816. Please advise.

The carts say Light Magenta and Magenta (instead of Vivid) just because these are cartridges that are build for all types of third party magentas.

Don’t worry, just put your Vivid Magenta in the Magenta cart and Vivid Light Magenta into the Light Magenta cart. The carts are chipped properly for the printer.