Ink Charge Problem w/r3000

Filled all carts with Piezo flush.
Using Adjustment Program settings
Auto Selection

Attempting INK CHARGE I get an error message 2100012C, Check I/F cable connection and power.
I am working with modem connection. Can it only use direct cable connection.
Is there any other way to ink charge, beside the Adjustment Program?

I see from another post that it WILL NOT work over modem.
Cannot find another way to ink charge. Must be but I am old and thick.

Does your printer currently have ink in it? If so, you could use the Quadtone RIP calibration feature, to purge the lines and fill them with Piezoflush (I believe that the Quadton RIP is still free, if only used as a cleaning utility). It may take 7 or 8 purge pages of photo paper, to fill all of the lines. However, cheap photo paper from Wal Mart (or similar) should work for this. The paper will be quite wet with ink, when it comes out. So, afterwards, run a couple sheets of plain paper through, using the roller-cleaning feature.