Ink Cartridges for Epson R3000

I purchased your inks and cartridges and at first everything worked fine and I was satisfied with the money I was saving and still having fine print quality. But recently, the printer does not accurately recognize how much ink I have in each cartridge and I cannot switch from PK to MK because it shows that there isn’t enough ink in the MK even though it is near full. A few months ago you shipped an auto reset chip which worked for awhile. Other cartridge fill levels are also not accurately represented by the printer. I don’t mind refilling the ink, but it is impossible to do anything with the printer when it does not recognize that I have filled up the cartridge. Would appreciate some help…am I doing something wrong? Thanks. Gary

These carts do not have liquid sensors. The chips in them reset only after reaching empty during printing, then being pulled out and put back in.

If you switch to MK when PK is low you may not have enough PK chip level to switch back. In this situation, print until PK resets and then switch.

It’s good to have a set of back chips.


It was the MK chip that was showing low; not the PK chip. I filled the MK cart up even though it was not empty. It is now completely full but registers empty on the printer. I have several other carts that show near empty even though they have ink fully loaded. Gary

As I said before, the chip does not sense the level of ink.

If you are in MK mode, print until the chip resets (it will only reset during the printing process). Do the same if you are in PK. Once the chip pauses the printer, take the cart out, top it off, and put it back in. It will show full and the printer will proceed with the print.

This is how you operate refillable cartridges on this printer and is described in the instructions that come with the product.