Ink cartridge error

Hi all,

Environment: Epson 4900 with K7 WarmNeutral installed.

Just refilled a cart after being prompted to do so by the 4900. After replacing the cart, we are getting an ink cartridge error - 4900 panel says: “Ink cartridge error - replace ink cartridge” and indicates the cart we’ve just refilled. We’ve refilled carts before without incident. The cart is definitely properly seated. According to this blog post we shouldn’t need a chip resetter, but no matter what we do we can’t get the 4900 to recognize the cart. Suggestions? If the solution is “you need a chip resetter” can someone please post a link to the proper resetter we need to purchase?

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Adam Sanders
Arc Lab Ltd

I am sure that you probably just need fresh batteries.

Hey Jon,

Thanks for the response. We just replaced the battery following the SOP you linked, to no effect. Then, to be certain that it was not the battery, we placed a different cart in that slot, and that worked just fine. Then we took the original offending cart, took out the chip assembly and replaced it with a chip assembly from one of our flush carts. Now it reads just fine. Is it possible that the auto chip resetting function is not working as it’s supposed to? How do we remedy that (we now have a flush cart with an inoperative chip/battery - not a big deal in the short term as we won’t need to flush the system any time soon - but eventually we will need a fully functional cart)?



Possibly shorted?
We sell replacements or / and spares here:

It is a good idea to keep a full set on hand if you do any time sensitive work.

All of our work is time sensitive Jon, LOL. We’ll order a hot swap set.



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