Ink Cartridge error -replace cartridge (epson 3800)

having wedged the cartridge - no change
replaced the cartridge with new one - no change

ran through all the resetting I could do.

made sure chips have the contact firm

all solutions failed.


The 3800 can’t be reset. You mean you used the waste ink tank resetter on the control chips of the carts?

This can short the carts. The control chip contacts (3 copper poles) may not be connecting to the OEM chip below.

  1. Take all carts out, replace with OEM.
  2. Convert 1 IJM cart at a time. From this you will find the one that is problematic.
  3. Look at the control chip. Make sure that its copper poles are not too high.

Make sure you always have the correct OEM chip in the IJM cart. Miss-placing these will cause all sorts of problems.