Ink Cartidge Errror- replace cartridge

My problem is similar to the problem of genenphotosI of June 16
I have an Epson 9800 Stylus Pro printer using IJM inks. I have suddenly got an error message for the magenta cartridge as above. I have cleaned the contacts on the cartridge and the printer and reset the cartridge to the green light an a number of occasions all to no avail. I do not have other cartridges to get chips to test. It has been suggested that I prise a chip off one of the other cartridges and test that but I am concerned that I will damage the chips.I would appreciate advice as to what I should do next. I am located in Australia. Noel Wilton

I also sometimes get ‘Ink Cart Error’ messages on my 9800. I usually find that it is due to the cart not sitting in the slot 100% correct. Wedges can help. Even just lifting the lever, then gently applying finger pressure to push the cart in and maintaining pressure while lowering the lever again sometimes does the trick.

Thanks- I have tried this including wedging the cartridge with no success. I think I will purchase a new chip and try that.