Ink Cart errors in 1,3,4,6 channels on 4900

using Piezography in my epson 4900 printer.

I just got Cart errors all at the same time for carts 1,3,4, and 6 on my 4900.

I tried reseting these carts and changing their batteries no luck, still error.

Could their chips be bad?

I heard problem might be on opposite cartridge bank on the 4900.

How can I fix?

btw. do Cart Chips go bad?

Happy New Year!

thank you

Hi stump4545~

After reviewing your order history, I see you purchased the 4900 refillable carts in Feb 2013. What happened before the error started- had you been happily printing with the four cartridge errors suddenly appeared, or had the printer been off for a while and error appeared when powered on, or had any carts been removed/reset then the error appeared, or…?
The chip batteries have a limited life of about a year, and occasionally a cartridge chip that isn’t displaying an error can cause errors with other position carts (strange, I know), so I recommend replacing all chip batteries. Yes, occasionally a chip can go bad over time, but it’s more common to have chip issues due to corrosion from an old battery and/or damaged connection in the chip wiring. If replacing the other four chip batteries doesn’t eliminate your errors, and you have already tried removing/reinstalling all carts, as well as shutting the printer down for a few minutes before restarting, then I suggest closely examining chips to see if you can find any obvious problems with corrosion or damage (if so, replace that chip with a new one).

I hope this helps. Please keep me posted.
Thanks and Happy New Year to you as well!

Warmly~ Dana :slight_smile:

I changed all of my batteries for all (11) carts on my 4900. turned on and off printer many times. still have same issue.

should I buy new chips for position 1,3,4,6? should I buy chips for all carts?

I was happily printing when all 1,3,4,6 showed errors one day when I tunred on my printer.

Do you think this could be a problem with the 4900 printer itelf and not the cart chips?

Thanks for the additional information.
When you say cartridges “1,3,4,6” do you mean position in the printer (GR, Y, LC + OR)?
It sounds like one or more chips aren’t working, but if you wish to test your printer, you will need to install Epson carts to see how your printer responds (do you have any Epson carts?). Assuming the printer is fine, I recommend getting a set of spare chips to have on hand (which we recommend for everyone using refill carts, as chips can be damaged or go bad over time, and having chips on hand to quickly replace will get you back to printing with minimal down time, instead of waiting for a new chip to arrive in the mail). The new chips you get will be NON-battery style, so do not manually reset (and do not need batteries replaced).

Best~ Dana