Initial Setup Piezography

Good day everyone. I wonder whether anyone can assist me. I am setting up my printer for Piezography printing for the first time (Piezography Pro). The physical chanegover of inks seems relatively straightforward, but I cannot find information pertaining to the software setup. It seems everything is in a different place. The QT rip from ther website, the print tool also from their site. Piezography site says I need a Google account and Excel (I am a Mac user). But nowhere dies it say how to put it all together.

Does anyone have, or know of a step by step guide to getting started?

Many thanks

The driver (QuadtoneRIP) and the Print Layout program (Print-Tool) are at You do need those as they are required.

The only other thing you need is the Piezography curve archive Piezography Community Edition | Piezography which has all the media profiles you need to start printing + the Piezography Manual for further reading.

You do not need google account or excel, that is the Professional Toolset which is an extra add-on that is optional.

We are working on an actual Piezography Driver that will coalesce all of these different pieces under one tent eventually, but for now, it’s in those there parts: QuadtoneRIP (the driver), Print-Tool (the print layout program), and Piezography Community Edition (the Piezography-specific media profiles).