Initial Priming of new (2017) R2880 carts

I just received my new (2017) R2880 carts and in reading the instructions and watching the new fill video noted that you no longer recommend the initial fill be done via the “vacuum” method!

Is that an oversight or are the new carts self-priming?

Should “vacuum” priming NOT be done?


You did not have to vacuum fill the previous small format carts either (just the R3000 style carts). We suggested (with the new and old) to fill and then tap the carts to diss-lodge air bubbles that are around the ink outlet stem and then let the cart sit for 10-15 mins before insertion into the printer.

The new cartridges have a more robust ink stem and exit valve which also allows for direct priming of the cartridge if you want to absolutely ensure zero air is left in the ink stem before placing into the printer.