Initial fill vs power cleaning on 7800/9800

I just bought the PiezoFlush kit so I can store my printer. The instructions on the web say: “NOTE: 3-4 Power Clean Cycles can be done thru the printer’s control panel, which is the equivalent of doing 1 Initial Fill Cycle.” Does that mean you can just use Power Cleaning cycles instead of the Initial Fill Cycle? Is one method preferable to the other?

I generally do an Initial Fill on this printer because it requires less movement of the ink levers (up and down), but these procedures are essentially the same. Doing power cleanings just means you don’t have to boot the printer into maintenance mode.


Thanks Walker. Is it bad for the printer to move the ink levers too much, or are do you mean that it’s just more convenient to do Initial Fill because you don’t have to move the levers as much?

Not bad at all. Just more convenient w/ the Initial Fill because you don’t have to as much.