Initial Fill Procedures for Epson Pro Model Printers


First thing you want to do is make sure your cartridge fill holes are plugged. These carts need to be pressurized. Then if this doesn’t fix it, take all the carts out, put your epson’s in. If you get the same error with the epson carts you have a pressure tube or pump that is faulty. If you don’t get the error with the epson carts, put the IJM carts back in from left to right one at a time (meaning, replace one cart, put the ink cover back, wait for printer to pressurize, then do the next).

If it’s a specific cart that is causing a pressure error we’ll replace asap, but we haven’t seen this in years so it’s probably a pressure tube or pump. If the pressure tube/pump is bad, this also can cause nozzle problems.



Thanks Walker. As mentioned the culprit was the plug on the Green cartridge caused by my own negilgence. I found it in the plastic bag in the box, replaced it and it all started up. Did the Init Fill and have left it to soak. Will do a rinse tomorrow and hopefully the nozzles will all function correctly. My problem started when matte black blanked out on a nozzle check. I hope it’s not a nozzle burn-out, but don’t think so as when I switched to PK, which was low, 2/3 of the bozzles printed.


Oops. Sorry, didn’t see that note.



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