Initial FIll on 9800 with WNK& Piezography Inks

I just loaded up my Epson 9800 with the WNK7 inkset and am attempting to do an Initial Fill procedure. (the 9800 previously had PK ink, so I am going directly to the Initial FIll per instructions). Prior to turning the printer on in “Self Test” mode, I checked that all the new carts were being read properly, which they were. THen I turned the printer off and back on in Self Test mode. Now, folowing instructions, the menus appropriately tok me to the Initial Fill, I pressed the ENTER button, and… nothing. The panel reads Initial FIll, the “Pause” button and Power buttons are lit (not flashing). I thought perhaps I had to load the paper before doing the Initial FIll, but when I tried it that way, the printer simply moved the paper out. I have tried this three times now, and waited for considerable amounts of time for the “Initial Fill” to begin, hearing only periodic motor sounds, but nothing is happenning with ink movement. What to do next? Help would be much appreciated.

Are you pushing the center round button to select/start the Initial Fill, or the right arrow button? If you’ve pushed one, I suggest you try the other.
Please let me know if this does the trick.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

Thanks Dana- Having gotten frustrated I went on to try a Power Clean (3X) instead of the Initial Fill. (I was pressing the center round button). Now that it is in the middle of the first Power Clean, do you suggest I complete the Power Clean and then go back to trying to Initial Fill (pressing the right arrow button instead?) or should I just proceed with two more Power Cleans? Yikes!

If you had color inks in this printer prior to installing Piezography, and you didn’t use flush carts between the two inks, then I recommend you finish the current Power Clean cycle, then do an Initial Fill to move inks from carts to the print head, and to hopefully flush out any remaining color staining that may be clinging to the ink lines or dampers.

OK- So now I have done two Power Cleans and it appears the nozzle check is printing out with the K7 inkset. My question is, since I have been too impatient to wait for your reply and gone ahead to do the second Power Clean, are 3 Power Cleans equivalent to one Initial Fill and is there a down side to proceeding with the third Power Clean vs. doing an Initial Fill after two Power Cleans? I will wait for your reply before doing anything more, I promise! :slight_smile:

two power cleans is sufficient to bring new ink to the print heads. but there is sometimes residual mixing due to what was previously in the dampers. So the third is the charm…

THen three it shall be! Thank you!