Initial Fill Epson P-8000

I need to do an initial fill on my Epson p-8000.
I do have the software service program from 2 Manuals.
My question is if it is possible to only do the fill on two channels instead of all of them.
There is an option under Ink Charge to do all or also two—but I cannot see that you can select
the channels you need to fill.
Thanks in advance for any info!

I think it only allows for one side (ink bay) or the other.

I don’t think it allows for individual channel paid purges.


Thank you, Walker.
If it only did one side at a time that would sure be a help–but I don’t fully understand what
“2 lines LLk/Vi and Y” actually means in the program. This is the second option to “all”
LLK and Y are a pair–but it doesn’t make sense that they would be the only ones to flush?
I guess I should get brave and run it and see what it does! :slight_smile: