Inadvertent Mixing of Carbon Shade 2 In Neutral Shade 6 Cartridge

I inadvertently topped off the Neutral Shade 6 cartridge with Carbon Shade 2 ink. Must I drain the cartridge and refill with the correct shade or can I proceed to print knowing that the shade will be off some? The cartridge was about 1/2” down when I made the error and topped off.? It is a K7 Special Edition ink set.

You need to remove the ink and clean the cartridge with distilled and put Neutral 6 back in. Shade 2 is just a hugely different ink.


I was afraid so. Thank you. I will do as suggested. I used the term “inadvertent” but it really was a boneheaded error.

I sighed deeply as I poured a full tank of your good ink down the drain as instructed. I suspect that this lesson will make me much more careful in the future. And I will buy more ink from Inkjet Mall sooner. Thanks for your help.