Inaccurate chips or wrong chips on my 9900 carts



This happened to me for the second time, an ink cart ran out long before the printer thinks it is empty. It showed about ⅓ full, pulled the cart, it was almost dead empty. This happened to me on light magenta just a few weeks ago.

Is it possible the chips on these carts think they are 700ml and not 350ml? (I have all 350ml carts from you)

I know the chip/carts thing is just an estimate but it seems to be way off.



Hi Mark~

My understanding is all 7900/9900 refill cartridge chips are programmed to read 350ml capacity, and in my testing I have experienced very close ink level tracking in our three 9900’s (with several sets of carts). After reviewing your order history, I see some replacement chips listed, have you already replaced the chip on this cartridge, or is the chip original? Did you completely fill the new cartridges, so the ink level matched the chip read level, and always fill all the way when resetting chips?

Please let me know, thanks~ Dana


Not sure which ones have replacement chips on them. I do fill them right to the top and then reset the chip. After insertion it shows full.


Other than the VLM, what other position chip do you feel isn’t tracking the ink level correctly?


VM and LK seem to do it too


Thanks for letting me know, I’m sending you replacement chips for those three positions.



Thank you!



You’re very welcome Mark!