Impasse with Magenta Cartridge

I am attempting an initial install of the K7 selenium set on an Epson 3880. I ordered the full MK/PK kit with syringes. I am fairly confident that I understand all of the instructions; I have just completed setting up a 3800 with the same ink set successfully. I was able to verify that the LK and the Y reset chips that were sent with this kit are defective. I know this because the printer accepted the cartridges after I swapped the 3880 reset chips with the reset chips of the same cartridges of my 3800 set. The 3800 cartridges no longer functioned in the 3800 with the 3880 reset chips.

The printer is also not accepting the magenta cartridge, (M not LM, the LM cartridge functions correctly with the extra VLM reset chip that was sent with the kit) and I was not able to resolve this problem by switching reset chips. I am getting the “incorrect cartridge error, please install the correct cartridge”.

The magenta cartridge upsets the printer in many ways. Periodically it causes the printer to flash a maintenance cartridge error which I am sometimes able to resolve by shutting down the printer. The maintenance cartridge error has nothing to do with the maintenance cartridge since replacing it with a new one has no effect on this error. I have tried replacing the OEM chip with another and every combination of exchanging the OEM chips, the reset chips and the physical cartridges between the 3800 and the 3880 magenta cartridges. The 3800 magenta cartridge functions correctly in the 3800. The 3880 OEM VLM cartridge functions correctly in the 3880.

Oddly, the Magenta cartridge and reset chip shipped with this 3880 kit does function in the 3800. Is it possible I have been sent a 3800 magenta reset chip in error?

Please advise.

Thank you