I'm starting to become very fond of the Gloss Optimizer stuff


That additional pass needed to apply the G.O. is well worth it!

I had a step tablet in addition to the print and read some L values:

Before GO:
Step #1 dMin=98.06
Step #21 dMax=9.39

After GO:
Step #1 dMin=96.82
Step #21 dMax=[B]3.79[/B]

Added a lot of contrast snap to the print on Canson Silver Rag. Bronzing is bad without it, but looks very good with the GO applied (Default 30,000 setting used). Might try another pass later and see if it changes anything.

Sure beats going outside and spraying too, which doesn’t always go well with crap that falls and/or flies into the wet lacquer.



Yes, GO is great stuff, and makes a HUGE difference in the glossy print process! We even use it on glossy color prints to achieve more depth and punch for some of our studio clients. The smooth/even printed coating is always better than spraying- there are no harsh fumes, it applies a nice even finish every time (sprays can be tricky, and frequently run/glob, or get stuff stuck to the surface), and you don’t have the environmental factors.

The default 30,000 GO curve works well for many gloss papers, but we have found some papers look better with two coatings of 30,000 (for example, Canson Baryta Photographique), or a single coating of more GO, so it’s certainly worth experimenting to determine what gives the best results with your specific setup and media.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: