Ilford and Canson Gloss curves for P2 3880 Sel

I want to build curves for IGFS and Canson Platine for P2 on a 3880. Looking in the community edition, there are no Ilford papers which I have used as a starting point before. Are there more curves available, or can you advise which of the gloss curves is a good starting point please?

If you have the HDPK ink, use the Sel HDPK master.

If you are using the normal PK (WN1) ink, use the Canson baryta photographique P2 curve. P2-SEL-CANbarytaPto.quad


We haven’t finished these curves, but they will be in the next release. They are the HD-PK and Ultra-HD-MK curves for P2 (first) and then K7 (later) starting with 38xx

Walker (2.2 MB)

Thanks Walker. I can’t find it in the Community edition, and I’m not using the new inks.

You can also type Command-Space and just paste the name of the .quad in there and it will find where it is as well . . .


Whoops, I must have had an old version of the Community Edition. All fixed now, thanks.

I’ve been digging around in the curves for SEL and have found P2-SEL_CRagPhoto.quad and P2-SEL-CANragPto.quad. The same applies to HPR. They aren’t the same so is there any story about why there are two?

In working with Jeff to understand what was going on with these two curves, I made an odd discovery. I downloaded the latest Win version of the CE and located P2-SEL-CANragPto.quad in the 4880-7880-9880-P2 folder, and also located P2-SEL_CRagPhoto.quad in the 3800-3880-P2 folder.

However when I downloaded and installed the Mac version of the CE in my Hackintosh I found both these quad files in the 3800-3880-P2 folder. It appears that a number of the 4880-etc quad files are not only in the 4880 folder, but are also replicated in the 3880 folder along with the 3880 versions. Why is this?

p.s. I did file comparisons to ensure that the files were indeed identical.

Taking a closer look at the curves before I move on to IGFS, it appears that there are duplicates of a number of papers. Any chance of a clarification, please?

End numbers are sometimes dupes but not internal numbers in the quad if
opened as txt file. Differences can be slight. 48xx and 38xx are dupes
(mostly). I “organized” 13 yrs and 1000+ curves so there will always be
some errors. Print and evaluate and linearize. The ones that had too much
TIL (total ink limit) have been deleted from any curve set we publish. That
was my major goal in coming out with CE (also had to satisfy multiple name
scheme directions which was problematic). So pretty much every Gloss curve
will work to linearize for any given different Gloss paper . . . And same
for matte. Did the best I could. I’m implementing a more formal bug/comment
reporting procedure (in curve sharing side) when I have the time.


Thanks Walker. I don’t envy you the task that you faced. I used one of the CRP curves and then linearised it and ended up with a nice straight line.

Agree with Jeff that it’s a daunting task.

If by “dupes” you mean identical, the two files I mentioned above may give fairly similar results, but they’re certainly not identical. It’s confusing to have two curves for the same paper / printer / ink combo with slightly different names in the same folder. Sure we can test and linearise, and just about any gloss curve could be a starting point for relinearisation, but I thought that the CE was supposed to simplify, not confuse.

A comparison of the Win and Mac editions of the CE indicates that some of the 4880 P2 curves have erroneously been copied into the 3880 P2 folder. If the names are different at least you get both versions, but I worry that there may have been files overwritten. I suggest that the Mac version of the 3880 P2 folder be replaced by the Win copy.