IJM Cartridges for 7900/9900 - Hissing / Squealing Sound During Pressurization?

Hi all,

I’m working on a new-to-me 9900 and am running init. fills to prep the printer for PiezoPro inks. Occasionally, I’ve had an issue where upon powering on, I will get a cartridge error in every color slot. Turning the printer off, and then on again has always (so far, anyway) corrected this. Additionally, when powering down (and occasionally during cleaning cycles) the cartridges emit a kind of hissing / squealing sound. I know these carts are pressurized by the printer, but is this sound normal? The combination of the two events makes me think I have a bad seal somewhere, but the printer seems to be functioning fine otherwise. I have searched the forum and have found reports about many sounds, but nothing that sounds like this.

Thank you all!

It’s ok. This is a natural process for these non-bagged cartridges. It freaks me out too still but not to worry.

We will (very soon confirmed) be offering bag cartridges in 700mL size for the x900 wide format printers as well.


I figured as much - thanks Walker! Any idea about the cartridge-read errors that pop up across the board? It’s more of an inconvenience than a real issue, but would still rather resolve it if it’s a simple fix.

This is mainly due to small and minute changes in the position of the chip (aka sliding back). It can be fixed by putting tape of the back over the chip to hold it in forward position.

New carts have re-engineered chip bases for this very reason.


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Perfect - I just ordered a new set of carts last week for the actual ink, so it sounds like I’m good to go.

Thanks Walker.