Ideal Piezography printing environment

I am attributing a space in my studio exclusively for Piezography printing.
Any tips on how to organise things?
Any input on ideal setting (working space, computer corner, assesment space, print storing…)?
What about lighting: how to create an ideal D60 environment with dedicated print assessing wall/corner?
What types of light should be used? Deflectors? How to control light power and how to achieve uniformity? How to avoid disturbing “light in your eyes”?
A properely designed Piezography printing environment is probably no less important than a properly linearized printing channel, I say!
All tips welcome!

Hey Eitan. I suggest you give us a call and we can customize/suggest stuff based on your space.,15952


Thanks Walker!
I shall be delighted to give you a call for tips!
Could I possibly join you by WhatsApp call or to direct number by Skype to save in communication cost (I am based in Israel)?
Many Thanks

FaceTime works well, or Skype. I do FaceTime consults with The Print House in Tel Aviv a lot lol.

I will email post-payment and we can set the time.


Not familiar with “FaceTime” but happy to get along…

If you have an iPhone this is just the video chat part. But Skype/Zoom works.


Zoom or Skype is fine!