ICC Profile needed for P600 with ITPro Dye on Generic Glossy photo paper "Davidson Paper"

Hi all,
Recently bought a new Epson p600 and a new kit of refillable cartridges with Ink Thrift pro Dye, I have tried all the ICC profiles available for free download for this particular printer but none of them seem to work with this type of ink, (all cartridges are full and the printer is brand new so I believe this is calibration issue)
I had the same problem with my old 3880 when I started using ITpro Dye ink but I was able to get an ICC profile on the web and problem solve (printing quality was pretty good)
Has anyone experienced the same problem printing with this printer - ink combo before?

Thank you all for your time and help in advance :slight_smile:

Normally we do not supply IT Pro dye profiles, however, if you would like to print targets and send them to me I will make profiles and post them on this forum for others to use on the 3880 platform.

Follow these instructions exactly (in the product overview tab): Custom ICC profiling Service | InkjetMall and then mail them to me:

c/o Walker Blackwell
Vermont Photo Inkjet LLC,
17 Powder Spring Rd, Topsham, VT 05076


Hi Walker,
We are getting everything ready to send it to you. Is going to take a bit of time to arrive as we are in Cuba and first we need to send the prints to Canada and then to you :wink:
If there is anything you can send us to at least get better or acceptable quality prints with this ink it will be really appreciated.
Thank you in


I’ll await the target prints and send ICCs on this thread. Sadly I do not have current edit: P600 IT Pro ICCs.


The ICCs that I need are for sure color P600 not for the 3800.