ICC Issues - color shifts and poor tonality

Hi all!

I’ve been looking for answers in the board but I haven’t found much answers for this. From night to day my prints have been coming out all over the place, beyond color correction prior to printing, looks as if all the Light Blacks were clogged and everything is overly yellow. I printed a nozzle check and everything is there. I printed a grey chart from PS as well and everything is there. I’ve been using the appropriate ICC profiles and then tried using a regular sRGB profile and surprisingly it actually gave me something way closer to what the image is and looks like all the blacks are printing, etc. I re-downloaded the ICC profile I’m using to see if the file was broken but still the same issue.

Last year I replaced the Magenta and Light Magenta to the vivid ones in order to make it a 3880 inkset even though I own a 3800, but it’s been a while since that and don’t think that’s the issue considering the sRGB ICC print looks more or less normal. I experienced the issue using Entrada 300, then started troubleshooting with Inkpress Duo Matte 80.

Here are my specs:
Epson 3800 printing wirelessly
Photoshop CC 2015.5
TIFF file in adobeRGB
Macbook OS X 10.9.5
Inkpress duo matte 80
ConeColor PRO K3 (with the exception of M and LM which are Vivid)

I’m attaching the print tests stating what ICC they used, these are the tests on ink press and the dialog boxes with the usual settings. I soft-proofed with PS using these profiles and nothing strange shows up there. Only thing I have left to try is print via USB I think. Any ideas? Is my printer having identity issues?? All the cartridges have enough ink. I’ll attach a JPEG of the file I’m printing for reference as well.

Thanks for posting screenshots! These help.

A few things are happening in the workflow here.


First. You are using a third-party ICC on a third-party paper (not what we built the inks to match, we build the inks to match Epson papers with Epson ICCs) with VM and VLM inks.

Second. You are printing at 720dpi which will starve the print of ink. This Inkpress profile requires 1440x720dpi as a minimum (with Finest Detail on).

Third: Your inks are most likely in need of agitation if they have been sitting that long. Pull the carts, shake them gently, put them back in and run 2-3 maintenance cleanings to get the fresh agitated pigment through the dampers and through the heads.

Fourth: What you will need to do is get a custom profile (or build a custom profile) and use that profile to Soft-Proof with on your screen before printing. Ideally you will build this profile at maximum quality of 2880x1440 dpi (make sure not to turn highspeed on but make sure Finest Detail IS turned on.)

That custom profile will actually work very respectably on a vast array of matte papers that are similar to the inkpress (better than using profiles that were made on other printers, with other inks even though they were made for whatever specific paper you are printing on).

http://shop.inkjetmall.com/Custom-ICC-Profiles/ (or others out there online)

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Hi Walker,

Thank you so much for all the info, I’ve been traveling and not printing too much lately so I didn’t get a chance to do a throughout second test. I don’t seem to get a lot of improvement from the recommendations. I remember I have printed exhibition shots on Entrada Bright with its own ICC profile with the ConeColors and everything used to turn out fine, so I’m re-printing those to compare and clearly something has happened in between. I shook the cartridges since they’ve been sitting there for a while and did several cleanings.

Here’s a print I did last year with Entrada Bright, Moab’s ICC profile and ConeColor, everything great:


Here’s a test I did tonight with Entrada Bright paper, top two with Epson’s ICC, bottom two with Moab’s ICC:


The rooster shot seems to be ok, but the orange range seems to be the affected one and you can can of see it in the lack of information on the door. I have a second shot that is mostly oranges and you can really see the anomaly. Here’s an exhibition print where you can see how much more range it has:


I also have some Semi-Gloss Photo Paper from Epson where i tested that same photo with both Moab and Epson’s ICC (switching to PK for these) and everything went absolutely wrong:


Could it be that the printer itself is faulty? All the nozzle checks are still showing up fine.


Again. You need a custom ICC in my opinion. There are many variables (you can read our primer here on printing with ICCs http://shop.inkjetmall.com/About/How-to-Use-icc-profiles/) but in the long run I think you need a custom ICC.

The Moab Lasal print looks like the wrong ink/media-type was chosen in the printer . . . each profile is built for a specific media type.

Also check your LK and LLK ink. Did you switch them up?