Icc for Canson Baryta Photographique on 3880


I’m trying to find an ICC profile for ConeColor Pro system for Epson 3880 with HD Photo Black inks on Canson Baryta Photographique.

Is there one out there that I missed?

Thank you.

We didn’t produce one for that paper. In our estimation it is not one of the strongest baryta papers out there and we don’t prefer the results it produces with our inks or OEM. Have you tried the Hahnemuhle Baryta papers? We made ICCs for most if not all of them!



Sorry to hear that. I might try Hahnemuhle next time. Right now I have a 25 sheet box of A3+ that’s just opened. Tried the ICC CCP-P800-HDPK-CANbarytaPhoto. As well as CCP-3880-HDPK-CANphotoSatin. Neither one quite works like the same file printed with epson inks.

Any suggestions?

You can get very inexpensive ICC profiling kits today - for a bit over $400 which let you make unlimited ICC profiles for the different media you may wish to use. The i1 Studio for example. Also DataColor should have a competitive kit at the price point.

InkjetMall makes customer printer profiles for only $99 each here.

There really is no other option. You can’t really use an ICC meant for another media.