I1Pro choices - Basic vs Photo

Decided to start the process of linearization of Pro ink on my 3880. Of course the first step is getting a spectro. I see now that I1 has a Basic model and a Photo model that is $2x the basic. Looks like more software with the Photo, and both include I1Profiler. So wondering if I need all the extras in the Photo model to get calibrated for Pro inks?

Thanks! Don

I’ve just started the process of learning to linearize using the Pro ink software and an i1Pro. My i1Pro was purchased as a “Photo” model in 2003 with my first 44" Epson. My i1Pro has been upgraded to the i1Profiler software a couple of years ago. When I attempted to use it to linearize a 9890 with PiezoPro loaded it got error messages from the i1Profiler software saying that I needed an upgrade to capture/save raw data. I couldn’t find any appropriate info on X-Rite’s site. I emailed them but no response. So… I just tried my i1Pro with their free ColorPort software as described in the Piezography manual. Worked like a charm. This is on a Mac 10.12.5 system. Hope that helps…


FWIW, I recently bought a used but like new EFI labeled i1 Pro (ES-1000) for $150 on ebay and am learning to use it for PiezoDN using ColorPort. Seems to be working well, though I gotta say I like SpyderPrint software better.

It looks like Colorport can be downloaded and added onto any I1…? So leaning toward keeping it simple and cheap(er) and go Basic, or yes, ebay. Not sure what the Photo model would add that I would need for this process, unless anyone has more input. Thanks!

i1Profiler will allow for reading of patches for free. You just need a licensed i1 to do profiles, etc (which you don’t need for Piezo just to linearize).

That said, ColorPort is less buggy for reading patches and is simpler.