I1 Pro Kit For Sale, very low use


I recently purchased an i1 Pro kit, then found an i1 Pro2 at a good price, so am selling the i1 Pro kit. The i1 pro has very low use, only 17.7 lamp seconds. It passes the X-Rite iDiagnostic evaluation. The person I purchased it from said it was used to do one profile for his business, and has otherwise sat unused.

The kit is missing the stand for profiling a projector, but has all other accessories. I unzipped the case once and can’t get it to close again–one zipper clasp is broken. The clamp on the scanning board is loose and will not clamp to the rod. (This could be fixed or just use tape to hold the print target to the scan tray.) Everything else is good condition.

I can send pictures to interested buyer.

I would like to recover what I paid for it. $200, plus shipping.

Thanks, Drew Harty

That’s a very good price.

Thanks for the support. At $200, it’s the lowest I’ve seen on eBay, particularly with the very low lamp count.