I swapped two channels on my 7900 - now I need to purge the tubes..

Hello to all clever Epson people

I spent a week trying to save an Epson Pro 7900 with a bad printhead.

It has a hardware failure on the black and yellow channels.

I ended up installing Gutenprint and swapping the clolors in software, so that it now prints black from the green channel and yellow from the orange channel.

Next I swapped the physical cartridges. It needed of course a swap of the chips and also a bit of modification of the cartridge, so that it could physically fit in the ‘wrong’ place.

So… It seems to work.

However, I keep printig, but the ink lines are sp full of color, that it takes forever to get rid of the ink in it.

Does anyone have an idea? Can I manually suck it out? :slight_smile: