I setup 9900 with K7 but all test bw prints have yellow hue


I have understood and solved problem but need to contact Pizeography for update to their instructions. I purchased the PZPRO-350-KIT9 1 Piezography Pro, BW Toning system, 350ml, Set 9 (matte & glossy),
and filled the cartridges per 9900 K7 configuration. The data sheet also stated to use the K7 curves. When I used the K7 curves the test print contained a yellowish hue. I tried many different curves until I found that the Quad9900-Pro-K4, with any of the cool curves provided a BW image without warm toning…

K7 and Pro are different Piezography inksets with different ink channel placements and different curves. I don’t have the instructions in front of me, but my recollection is that this would be clear.

You need to check that you’ve placed your Pro inks in the correct channels. If not then you would need to remap the curves so that the curves are referencing the channels where the inks actually are. If you’ve solved the problem then the inks are probably in the correct place.

Then you need to use the Pro curves, which you can download as part of the Community Edition Package. Again, it sounds like you’ve done this.

Then you need to read the documentation that comes with the Pro curves that explains how to use them. There are cool curves that use the cool inks and warm curves that use the warm inks and neutral curves that use a blend of both. You can create your own blend of these curves and you can create your own curves with custom blends if you purchase the Pro Toolset.

Thanks for the feedback.
The documentation for loading my 9900 shows the same ink fo K7 and Pro except Pro uses Orange and Green with very light inks. The problem is that for the K7 curves didn’t have any neutral configurations. I found the neutral on K4 and the curves show the use of the dark grey inks. I just printed out a 20x30 inch print from a 35mm neg scan and it looks great.

I will contact the support team to get a understanding on the configuration that I should be using.

Dear @gosvalds you are using K7 curves? But you have Pro ink installed. Please use the -Pro curves. (9900-ProK5 folder for the 9900)

Please go here and start at step #1: Learn Piezography & Technical Support | Piezography

This will get you through the install of the curves + instructions for Pro ink, etc.

best regards