I printed PiezoPro with Canson Platine curves: it knew to apply gloss overprint?

I loaded a sheet of Canson Platine and selected the appropriate curves for that paper.

I forgot to reconfigure my Epson 3880 from Matte to Gloss, but I made a print.

The print came out with a gloss overprint, perfecto. It knew ? What a pleasant surprise. Does this mean it saves ink because there’s no need to “change” inks ?

The LLK channel printed because of the curve but most likely you still have a TINY bit of funkiness in the shadows if you are printing matte black under there. These gloss prints use a very small amount of Shade 1 ink though so it has the possibility to look ok.


Thank you Walker.
Does that mean we should explicitly switch to Glossy ink before printing with glossy paper and curves ?

yes you should switch to glossy (black) ink whenever printing on glossy paper.