I need advice re purchasing a used replacement printer

I am looking for a used printer to use with Piezography Pro inks. All things equal, would it be better to get an Epson R3880 or a P600/800? The largest I print is 13x19 if that matters. Thanks for any responses.

When those machine were new or recent, Jon Cone urged me to get a 3880 (I bought a new one) and he was right. It is used for Carbon Piezo and is highly reliable. I have Cone refill carts, and they have worked well, too.

I also have a R2000 which is the precursor to the P600 (they look identical) and it is a clogging nightmare (with Epson color inks). Just awful. Walker suggested replacing it with a P600, saying the heads are better, less prone to clogging. But can you even find one anywhere? P600 is 13x19 (my favorite paper size by far). The P800 is bigger, and may not have the same red-heavy native color ink set (which I like for printing art).

So if you can get a 3880, you are in good shape. Except for the cart chips. That’s another matter. I have some extras from empty Epson carts I bought on Ebay, and hopefully IJM has some to sell you.

Good luck!

Thanks for your message. I just yesterday got a very slightly used P600 and am going to set it up with the Pro inks. I’m glad to hear that Walker recommended that model. I have a friend who has one set up with Piezography inks and he likes it very much.

I found quite a few P600s on Craigslist. If you google “Epson P600 site: Craigslist”, you should find some for sale, in various conditions and at a wide range of prices.

Thanks again,