I can't beleive i lost this part. Can anyone tell me where to get a replacement?

I have 2x Epson 11880 printers I am trying to merge into one perfect printer. Both had issues but Printer 1 was missing the Ink Tube Brace which braces the ink tubes when they connect to the carriage assembly for the Print head. It broke during a print head replacement. A little black piece of plastic that connects with a screw. It seems as I was dissembling printer 2 I lost the damn second part and haven’t found it yet. I’m wondering if there is a place where I can order obscure parts like this?

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 1.39.23 PM

I think the ink tube brace is not entirely needed . . . however, in the past on this printer I’ve hundred around in other parts of the body like the ink bay ledge (below the ink carts) and other areas that have excess screws that are not needed. Generally I’ve found what I’ve needed lol.