I cannot seem to specify Series number for purchase on P6000

I find this incredibly confusing. I need light Cyan for a p6000. When I search for that, all I get is the full kit, the flush, and the chip as a result.

I cannot buy a chip due to the shortage.

I’m not buying flush which does allow you to specify the Series number chip.

My last option is the full kit. That listing has no way of specifying Series 2 which is what I need. I read that it defaults to Series 1 which I don’t need. Less an issue, but I don’t need the cartridge, plunger, or the funnel. Just seems wasteful to keep ordering that stuff each time.

Why is there no listing for just the 700ml Ink with a way to select the Series # you need?

Dear Thomas,

While we are certainly low on LC due to global chip shortage (which should be resolved in a few weeks time actually) we do have some available not in Series #1.

I took your comment above and literally put it into our search. Please see video:


Thanks for the video. Here is what is confusing.

  1. Not being aware that there was a shortage on chips 2-6 — I didn’t know to click on the others to see I could get 7 or 8. I also wasn’t 100% sure I could skip #2.

  2. I searched for “light cyan p6000 700ml” which does not return the ink bottle as an option. I realize now that I don’t need to specify the p6000 to buy ink — but it is unusual that when you do mention the model it fails to show the ink refill bottle without the kit. See image.


Our bottles are generally universal and ordered based on SKU (on the bottle). I am working on a plugin breakout of each kit that shows the individual sub-products. Ideally this would list in a search result if a product is included in a printer-specific kit like the Single Channel P6000 combos. But CCPRO individual bottles get used in so many printers (constantly updated) that it would be difficult to add printer attributes to the bottles. And= easier way is just to look at our P6000 products category by going to Shop by Printer → Epson → P6000 and filtering by product type (individual bottles) and color (light cyan):

I did it here: