Hugly prints from my Artisan 1430

Before you ask, I use my 1430 with a neutral K6 inksel. Unfortunately for me I have a problem with the paper feed mechanism and I can only use light weight paper for know.

I first did some test with OEM inks to see check the nozzles, I then cleaned everything I could with Piezo Flush and installed the inkset.

I printed the Piezo 256 step XRITE I1Pro v2, I1Profiler Target using the Photo Rag 308 curves but on Red River Premium matte paper and all seem fine. I saved the values I measured into Piezo Pro to create new curves for this Red River paper. All seems fine up to here.

Now trying to print a normal image using these curves or the Photo Rag 308, I get this.

On the left, the 1430 result for RR Premium matte, center same paper on a Canon Pro-1000 and on the right, same image on the Canon and on glossy paper (I tried a little toning here).

I’m sure I’ve done something wrong but no idea of what it is.

I bought this printer and the inkset as a proof of concept kind of thing before investing more money into this.

I’d pretty much like to be able the make a good print on this paper and this printer before going further.

Any help would be appreciated,


If the permissions aren’t set correctly this will happen.

A search of this forum for “permissions” will show the correct answer.


Not sure I follow you here?

@walkerblackwell - on the QTR forum @Yves_Gauvreau indicated that he is running W10. Your reply appears to assume that he is on MacOS.

Honestly, if it’s not on a Mac it could easily be that you simply have your inks placed into your printer in the wrong order.

If you print this image in calibration mode it will allow you to verify the order: (674.6 KB)



Ok, I’ve printed your image below and I also reprinted Piezography-256step-i1Pro2.tif and don’t ask me why it’s all wrong. I think I printed the 256 step on my Canon and it’s probably why I though the inks where fine.

They’re not.

Here is a photo of the result

The hand writing is the K6 ink that is supposed to be there relative to the name. Hope it’s clear.

Now what do I do to fix it?


Seems like I forgot to give you the link, so here it is.

I hope that works this time.

Normally, I would start over from the beginning but I don’t want to put more money into this printer. I have a paper feed problem as well, seems like I can only use lightweight paper. When I’m finish with this set of ink I won’t buy more inks for this printer. I’ll buy another one.

But I want to see what those ink can do maybe I could swap the cartridge’s or swap them in software (quad files). I have Pieze Pro. What’s the best approach?

Another question if I may, Can I be confident, the density or L* of these inks in the calibration test are in order, mk → Dmax, s2, s3, s4 , s5 and s6 Dmin, right?


something is super off with this test. Did you actually turn calibration mode on when you printed the target? Everything is totally black on your channels. It should not look like that at all,

The inks should be dark to light as follows (they aren’t in the print either):

S1 = K
S2 = C
S3 = LC
S4 = M
S5 = LM
S6 = Y