How to Replace the Chip on the Refillable R3000 Cartridge



Chips on the R3000 refillable cartridges have batteries attached to the back, which keep the chip “on” and control the ink level reset. Batteries have a limited life, and will last up to about a year after being connected to the chip. When a chip battery dies, the printer will either begin displaying cartridge errors that are not resolved by resetting the chip, and/or the chip will not reset. When a battery comes to the end of it’s life, you have three choices: replace the entire chip, replace just the battery (which is not difficult, but not as easy as replacing the entire chip with fresh battery attached), or replace the entire cartridge (this is recommended if you are experiencing any ink flow issues, or if the cart has been used for about a year or more).

If you decide to replace the chip, we sell replacement chips, which are available here:
Please follow the simple instructions below to remove the old chip, and attach a new chip to a R3000 refillable cartridge.

  1. Using a small straight edge screw driver, pry the old chip off the cartridge as shown below under the right/lower side, then slide the top of the chip out from under the cartridge locking tab (above the chip).

  1. Note the plastic chip base has two prongs on top. To attach a new chip to the cartridge, slide these two tabs into the channels under the cartridge locking tab as shown below, then press the bottom of the chip onto the cartridge so it snaps into place and is flat on the cartridge.

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