How to prevent ink flowing out of the fill hole while filling 3800 cart

I purchased my first set of Cone inks and refillable carts for the Epson 3800. I followed instructions on the video and pdf on how to fill a new IJM cartridge. It was going well until I got to the last 10ml (out of 70ml) when the ink being injected into the fill hole flowed out. This was not the case of an overfill since I only had 70ml tops. I thought I was injecting it slowly, and it almost seemed like there might have been an air pocket.

Also, the ink seeped between the cartridge seams and into the space between the inner bag and cartridge walls. Thankfully the cartridge is transluscent so that I can see whatʻs going on. Hopefully this will not be a problem.

Iʻd appreciate any advice on how to avoid this the next time. BTW, I had the cartrdige turned with the fill hole on the top. Should I have rocked the cart to make sure the ink settled? Iʻm sure this is just a matter of having the right technique.

The refillable ones only hold 70ml, but I fill them by eye since 70ml gets very close to the top. From the instructions for the cartridges:

Filling cartridges with ink: Each cartridge has a colored rubber plug with pull tab on the back side- this is the ink fill hole. Place a cartridge upright with fill hole up, then remove the plug. Always shake ink bottles before filling or refilling cartridges to ensure pigment is in suspension for consistent output. Check to make sure the ink bottle and cartridge color position match before filling carts. Using a syringe with long blunt tip needle attached, draw 60ml of ink into the syringe and inject into the cartridge, then draw and inject another 10ml. (70ml fills the cartridge). Do NOT overfill cartridges. There MUST be a small air gap at the top of the cartridge for proper function.

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@LGebhardt, I followed those directions, except for the part of watching by eye. I assumed it was safe by staying within 70ml.

I did not remove the orange plug from the air inlet point. For a new cart, I wonder if removing it might help since the exit hole is sealed and ink wonʻt leak from there???

In any case, Iʻll keep my eye on the ink level the next time. Thanks for the tip!

I removed the plug, and I think I got the full 70ml in, but I’m not positive. After the first one I just filled the others to the same level as the first, by eye, since I figured that’s how any refills would be done. I highlighted the instructions since it is explicit about not overfilling. I’d remove some ink before inserting in the printer, and hope someone with experience chimes in and mentions if there’s anything else needed to ensure it’s safe to use. Good luck.

As you pointed out, the key is to look at the level. This will be especially important on the second fill since it will require less than 70ml. Unfortunately, since the ink spilled inside the cartridge, itʻs difficult to see in.

Perhaps someone from tech support can comment on the drawbacks of filling only 60ml instead of 70ml. Does having less than 70ml make it less effective to prime the cart?

I will try removing the orange plug before filling the ink to see if that helps.