How To Flush Individual Channel using QTR Calibration Mode



In re-rereading the instructions, and as my goal is to run all the channels in my 7890, am I to print the 8 channel QTR flush image. And as I have 9 channels in my 7890 how do I ensure I’m using the matte, PK and Go channel? Does it matter what curves I use in printing the QTR flush image? Thank you.


As it says very clearly in these instructions you need to be in Calibration Mode in QuadtoneRIP (you have choice of 8bit, 16bit, and Calibration Mode).

Print 24x90 inches of each channel on a cheap bond paper roll. Use the individual channel flush images and set their height to 90 inches in print-tool before printing. You can print 720dpi bi-directional to speed things up.



Thank you, I get it! Raphael


(My printer is an epson 3880)
After downloading the QTR Cal Mode Flush, there are a few tiff files that I can’t identified. Please help if you can for the followings
1- QTR-M.tif is it for MK ?
2- QTR-K.tif is it for PK ?
3- QTR-OR,tif
4- QTR-LM.tif is it for VLM channel ?
5- QTR-8 Channel flush.tif is it with using PK or MK cartridge ?
Are theses files to be used on my 3880? if not where can I get the right ones ?

  1. M is Magenta
  2. K is blacK (whichever is installed when running the Cal mode flush)
  3. OR is Orange - not used on this printer
  4. LM is Light Magenta (including Vivid LM)
  5. the 8 channel flush image uses whichever K is installed (see 2 above)