How to fill refillable cart with piezoflush?

I apologize if I am crazy - but I have read all the manuals I was told to and yet I can not find any information about HOW to fill the cartridge. Do I just lift the plug and squirt it in? If I have overlooked this basic instruction - please point me in the right direction. Using the flush to hopefully solve a clog in my Epson 4900 PK line.

Each 4900 cartridge has fill instructions under the “Instructions” tab for each product page.

here’s one:


thank you! Was my piezoflush order supposed to come with funnel and syringe with priming tip? Do i need these things to do the flush?

I am sorry… i found it. Please excuse me - first time parent with a small infant and small business owner… I am sleep deprived and frustrated with my printer :slight_smile:

The refillable cartridges should have come with a funnel and primer.