How to clean Epson 2880 printhead once removed from printer

I’m a little baffled by all the recent restructuring of the postings so I will create this separately and let the administrator move to where it might belong. I have removed the printhead from my Epson 2880 and wondered if there is a specific method of cleaning it?

I think this is a good place for this thread, so I will leave it here for others to easily view.

Use the head cleaning attachment with Piezoflush to flush out the head, making sure to use very light pressure, do not force it. If it’s resisting simply pull the plunger of the syringe upwards and release until you can move the flush through the head without excessive force.

If it is very gummed up and you can’t get the clog out with the head cleaning attachment using the method above, you can soak the head in a shallow dish of Piezoflush over night and retry the above method in the morning.

After you have successfully cleared the head of the clog make sure to wipe the bottom of the print head clean with a Bounty paper towel dampened with flush and allow to air dry.