How to change User Name

As of now, my username is shown as my email address. I’d rather make my username be simply “Paul Whiting”, not my email. I’ve looked quite hard on how to do that but can’t find it. I posted this question under “News”, and that’s probably not a good place to ask ir … please delete that if you wish, and I’m hoping this this thread, “MISC”, is the right place for that question.

Thank you!

Paul Whiting

Sorry about that. It is done.


Thanks, Walker.

Not to be sorry! I guess I didn’t realize this task was an Administrator thing. And I’m just beginning to know my way around here…

Best Regards,


Now that we’ve migrated to a better platform, you can change you name.


I like your new platform, it’s easier to find what I want. As for my name change… wow, that goes back a ways, when I was just getting my feet wet here. Thanks for remembering that!