How to achieve CR/PF head slant adjustment with the Pro inks_Epson 7880




I recently have some issues on the head alignment of Epson 7880/the fish batch of the pro inks causing significant vertical banding. As Walker suggested at the different post, I’ve been working on the head slant adjustment of Epson 7880.

The things are bit different from what the field repair guide says since the set of the inks are different. The LLK lines are not invisible enough due to the gloss optimizer.

I updated several pics of the lines on the test of both CR and PF with Canson Baryta Paper(the field repair guide suggest to use Epson paper). I am wondering if someone having experiences of it could take look at them and tell if these are ok.

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The PF head slant test.



I tested with the different slant settings to see how the banding changes, but all of the settings I tried did not affect on it, appeared to be exactly same. And I printed the same image at “2880dpi” and “1440 super” with the same slant setting. The image printed at 1440 super does not have the vertical banding. I am wondering why?