How reconfigure/reprofile 4900

I have a two year old Epson 4900. A week ago I lost the vivid magenta channel. Although I have not tried every possible approach to cleaning/unclogging, I’ve tried a lot and with no effect. Given that this printer has been in constant use, and that the channel is out completely, given everything I’ve read, I would assign a 95% probability to this being a permanently dead channel.

I want to know why it would not be possible to get an orange or green cart, fill it with vivid magenta ink, and reprofile my new “Epson 4900 dc” :)… I do not have experience creating profiles, but it seems to me that if you guys regularly convert these things to black and white printers, I ought to be able to convert my 4900 with a dead channel into a very usable if somewhat differently paletted printer. I am guessing it is not so simple, but anyone who can either tell me that it is totally impossible or point me in the direction of what I need to figure out, would be very helpful.

thanks, Robert

I’m slowly diving into a backlog of un-replied questions. Hopefully my reply will be useful for someone happening upon this thread in the future.


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