How do I restart with pigments after doing the Piezo flush routine



I have experienced the well known issues with my 3000 clogging up. Last week I installed a windows OS on my iMac and ran the Initial Ink Charge program. I let it sit for 3 days and now have run 3 normal head cleaning cycles and the nozzles all seem to be check nicely. How do I return to my normal pigment ink set? Do I just pop them back in and start it up or do I have to run an Initial Ink Charge with the regular ink set?

One more related issue. When I removed my ink cartridges most were at half full or less, a couple being close to empty. I’d like to refill them all, but since they are the newer type of cartridge with no manual reset option how do I deal with the ink level monitor? I hesitate to put nearly empty cartridges into the printer when I am about to purge the Piezoflush and refill the system with ink. What if there isn’t enough ink in the cartridge to restart the system?


Yes, you will follow the same procedure you did for flushing by running the initial fill cycle again. To do this, your carts will have to read Full again, then only way to do this is to run the chips down to empty. What I suggest doing is, using the flushing cart chips for this, run regular cleaning cycles or purge images through QTR to empty individual channels. Once your chips are reading empty on your flush carts, swap them out with the Pigment carts (after refilling) and install into the printer, at which point they will read full again and you can run the initial fill.

OR you could purchase a new set of chips to install on your refilled pigment carts and start right away.


Thanks KellyC. I think I’ll just keep running cleaning cycles with the Piezoflush as you suggest. I think some extra cleaning will only help.

Do I need the QTR to run a purge on my 7900? I’m just starting to realize the benefits of Piezoflushing and think my 5 year old 7900 could use some of that kind of love as well. I run a print or two through it every week when I’m not in a regular print making period and still with some nozzle checks I detect some clogs, which clear up after one or two cleaning cycles. Sometimes I run paired cleaning cycles on just the clogged nozzles, but did I read somewhere recently that running paired cycles is harder on the system?.


I have been running the cleaning cycles to empty the Piezoflush cartridges, but the yellow channel has emptied first and the printer will not proceed with the further cleaning cycles that I need to run in order to empty the rest of the cartridges. Therefore I assume that the other channels will not reset. How do I go about getting the other channels to reset when I install the ink cartridges that have no manual reset?


Per Kelly’s instructions, you should now swap the yellow chip to the yellow ink cartridge (which is now full of ink) and run Purge Images through QTR to empty the other cartridges. The link to print the purge images is here:
Just get some plain old Xerox paper and print away until the other channels become empty.