How do I cancel printing when printing on a P400 from QTRGui?

If I get an ink light in the middle of a print, I want to cancel the job because the print is ruined and I’d just be wasting ink.

The Epson print utility has a cancel button. It allows you to cancel a job in the middle of printing. QTRGui does not have such a button. I don’t think Print-Tool has one either.

According to the US version of the Epson p400 User Guide, the only way to cancel a job is to use the cancel button in the Epson print utility! The European version of the manual says you can cancel a job simply by pressing the Paper/Cancel button when a job is printing. I’m guessing this is yet another way Epson is trying to make life hard for users using 3rd party software and ink.

Next time I need to cancel I will try the paper/cancel button and post if it works or not.

Just delete the job from the queue and unplug your usb. This cancels the job.


That is a good solution. But will it cause the paper to eject?

Yes it will cause the paper to eject.