How can I over-print (print multiple layers) with an Epson 9800?

I would like to print in multiple layers or multiple passes with an Epson 9800. When I have tried to do this in the past the printer just advances the paper to un-printed surface rather than over-printing. Any idea of how to turn off the image sensor?

I tape a 2” strip of paper to my print. Feed this end in first and set the paper size to length +2 inches. Move the image to the bottom on this sheet. The printer will see the first 2 inches as blank and think it is a blank sheet and print away. I do this for overcoating glop and over printing images. It is difficult to get exact alignment if that’s required. But doable.

If you’re printing on roll just be sure to leave the image at least 2” from the top

I would just do the whole print over but I need to print on SA Polypropylene and this was the last piece I had. I’m trying it out on plain paper. Overall height of the paper is 33", overall height of printed text is 22". Top border of the print is just under 4". I’m printing a photo portrait over the text, height is 20" including a little bit of blank border. Twice now I’ve run the print and at 11" the printer pauses, appears to be running the rest of the file internally and then just shuts down. Once I was using Quark Express and once using Photoshop.

Thanks Joelwb, I will try that.

Robert Wilde

Robert Wilde Studios

That 11" spot is just before a long line of type. I turned the paper 90 degrees and with the 4" lead printed across the lines of text. It printed the whole photo over the text just the way I wanted it.