Hot Press Natural coating issue/Piezography Pro

Wanted to check in with the forum to see if anyone else has encountered this problem, or if I’m just an absolutely jinxed individual. Also, an FYI for anyone thinking of using this paper.

Some background: 3880 and Piezography Pro. Trying to linearize Hot Press Natural. I’m now on my third replacement box from Epson, 13x19 (original box purchased this summer from Adorama, I think). I’ve also encountered the same problem with stock from LexJet and am currently waiting on the third replacement from them, supposedly from new stock. I know – I’m a glutton for punishment, but I’ve used this paper since I got serious about black and white printing and I’ve really liked it. But, three strikes and Epson is out, at least for the foreseeable future. Was told early on by a loose-lipped Epson Cust Serv Rep that they had coating problems in the summer with a run of paper, but he thought they had pulled all the stock. Obviously not. Subsequent reps have stonewalled the question about problems.

Attaching two scans of 256 Step targets, one printed on the Hot Press, the other on Museo Portfolio Rag, both using the Hot Press Neutral curve. Including the MPR scan for comparison. Platen gap is Wide. All the recommended settings in Print Tool, etc. The splotchiness evident in the Hot Press has consistently been the issue.

Hot Press Natural (HPN_Neutral curve)

Museo Portfolio Rag (HPN_Neutral curve)

I always wonder if I’m missing something, so maybe that’s the case and someone will spot it immediately (Walker, are you listening??) Otherwise, let me know if any of you have seen or heard of this – I’d appreciate knowing I’m really NOT crazy!

Thanks in advance,

Dear Jeff. Yep. It’s a coating issue for sure. But it can be adapted around.

This is a curve that is limited to 70% except in the darkest patches. It will print light but shouldn’t bleed. You’ll just want to linearize it.

38-Epson-HotPress-Neutral-LIM.quad (7.4 KB)


Epson does not make its own paper so this was a supplier of theirs. Exhibition Fibre had the same issue a few yrs ago right when the P800 came out. Epson Magenta was bleeding on that paper using the Exh. Fibre media type selection.


Thanks, Walker – I’ll check it out. Out of curiosity, which paper companies do actually make their own paper? I’m guessing Hahnemuhle and Canson – are there others? Do you see more consistency in the characteristics and quality of papers made in-house vs. papers like Epson, or the like?


I had a similar issue recently with Hot Press Natural - blotchy ‘ink pooling’ type effects. Recent rolls of HPN have been fine so i hope is was only a temporary problem. As to who actually makes HPN, the box says ‘Made in Italy’ and I have always assumed that this refers to whatever company is profiled in this promo video…

A lot of different ones but I can’t really confirm this stuff in public. It gets them agitated.


Thanks for the video, Neil. The mill shown appears to be in Germany, and they feature the Legacy line, which suggests that Hot Press is made at a different mill in Italy. One wonders if Epson has different quality standards for the Signature Worthy line, given that they’re less expensive papers. Walker – I wondered whether you’d be able to offer info here about different papers, but thought I’d ask the question out loud regardless. So, no problem – don’t want anyone getting agitated!