HIgh Density photo black

I recently bought a bottle of high density photo black because it appears to be SO MUCH blacker than regular epson ink especially on older printers like my 7880.
Is there any chance it is so black I can actually try to profile it on a matte paper?
Or is this just a stupid idea? Has anyone tried it?

HDPK is built to interact with gloss layers. Totally different chemistry so it’s not going to make a good matte black sadly. The Ultra-HD MK on the other hand is the darkest 100% carbon matte black ever produced and sold commercially.

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Thank you for the quick answer Walker!
Much appreciated!


Did you try the Ultra HD Matte Black ink? That one is so dark it makes you smile!



I did not.
Unfortunately my 7880 is now having issues (probably damper related)
Plus ultra matte black would need to have custom made profiles and I am in talks with some friends that have printer profiler. Do you think the relatively inexpensive colormunky would suffice?
My spyderprint 3 struggles on very dark patches and I doubt it would be able to create a good profile with such a dark ink…