[Help Request] Epson P600


I have an Epson P600. I use this printer for sublimation and have used the same film, inks, and rip software from day one.

Lately, I have noticed that I have been getting “pizza wheel” marks on my prints. In addition, I was getting little “dots” of ink being left on my prints. I thought this was being caused by ink build-up in the little springs that hold the little wheels in
that are located in the inside right before the paper is ejected. I have cleaned all the wheels and noticed that indeed, there was quite a bit of ink residue that has come out. It seemed to have fixed the problem after several cleanings, I even inspected
the springs and they all seem to be pretty clean. However, after a bit, I noticed I was getting the “pizza wheel” marks again. Since it didn’t seem that a build-up of ink in the springs could have happened in such a short period of time, I again inspected
the wheels and noticed that when pushing through paper, some of the wheels are not turning. It would be logical that since they are not turning, when the paper is going through the wheels are dragging through the wet ink, causing the pizza wheel effect.

My question is, do you know if the assembly inside with the wheels is replaceable? Where would I get the part?

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Mark Carle

CJ Bella Co.



Depending upon what dye-sub ink you have it could be messing up the adhesives inside the printhead manifold itself. Dedicated dye-sub printers have different adhesive. These small formats aren’t build for it.


So what would a fix for this be? Should I replace the paper eject assembly with the star wheels? If so, is there a field repair manual available anywhere?

I’ve made this a public topic as you filed this in the customer support section (without specifically mentioning any products of ours). I’ll let other reply if they have further suggestions regarding what to do.

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Ok, Thanks I appreciate it.