HELP please ! Piezo Flush for EPSON SC-P800 ( Piezography P2 ink set )

I noticed very fine Banding marks ( Horizontally ) on the print out on the Pictorico OHP media,
had tried to clean manually a few times , show no improvement at all , so I decide to use the Piezo Flush to try it out !
Do I have to Fill up all the 9 Cartridges with Piezo Flush , including the Piezo Flush( PK ) & Gloss Over (LLK ) cartridge beside the ink ( 7 shades of inks ) Printer model Epson SC-800 EU version. software Piezography P2 . how shall I do the Print head Cleaning ? do I have to do it manually " Print Head Cleaning " from the Control panel ?

If you want to flush the whole shibang, put the flush cartridge in and then do 4 “heavy” cleanings. Then put the Piezo carts back in and do the same.

You can leave LLK ink be though. It’s useful to keep that with clear.