R2880 likes PiezoFlush..but not so good with K7 ink!

My R2880 hasn’t had much use as I decided to switch to K7 ink almost immediately after purchase. However it was then left for 2 years…so a bit of fun was had cleaning before it ran well with Jon’s ‘Warm Neutral’ ink, for awhile anyway. However being a photographer, I go away for periods so have had to re-clean it on return. Although to be honest I haven’t always swopped the ink for piezo filled carts when travelling.

It now has decided that it doesn’t really like having ink in it at all and I spend many hours trying to clear that ‘row of ink lights’ whilst it refuses to even do a clean. However it always smiles again when I put my set of PiezoFlush cartridges in, happily cleaning away and switching off those lights. That’s until I drop the ink carts back in… I may then possibly get 1 and a half perfect prints through before it wants to play up again, ink jets blocking and it will start flashing all those ink lights at me again.
Thanks to Dana’s video skills, I’m now well versed in the ‘desktop printer cleaning’ routines and my external ‘Printer Potty’ waste tank is extravagantly full of flushed out ink and Piezoflush.

What further should I do to make this printer allow me to actually make proper prints? It can make beautiful prints when it chooses…but…it’s obvious to me that printers have personalities and I’m not getting this one to stop being petulant.

And by the way, is it better to switch off the mains when leaving it overnight or should I leave it on. Restarting always pumps more ink into that waste tank of course.

David Taylor
Dorset UK

You are sure that your cartridges have their air-inlets unplugged?

This is 2015 ink yah? I’m assuming you have a chip resetter that enables you to top all the carts off and then reset them to full when one goes empty?

Also, yes, keep it on.


Hi Walker,

Air-inlets…well I confess to a bit of confusion there. A video shows Dana shows putting ink into the lower air hole. Even though they are InkjetMall carts, they don’t seem to fill through that hole, but do through the top one. And my written ‘refillable cartridge’ instruction show the top one as the ‘fill hole’ and the bottom as '‘air vent’. However the label on top of each cart says ‘do not remove’…is this referring to ‘the label’ or the ‘air hole plug’ beneath it?
I have usually left the bottom plug in and the upper one out. That’s worked for me as I do get good prints (sometimes), although I have tried it the other way in case I was getting it totally wrong.
2015 ink…yes.
Chip resetter…yes and it’s working OK, with a green light.

I just had to change to clear the ‘all amber ink lights’ on with the Epson Status Monitor showing ’ incompatible ink’ carts. Put the Flush carts in…Status changes immediately to all OK. Do a clean, run a nozzle check…all good. Put the Ink carts in, all reset and refilled and immediately back to all the amber lights on and unable to charge etc.
I have another set of empty carts coming across from Vermont…but surely it’s not the complete set of original carts that are troublesome is it?


If you have tried to fill through the air vent you have blocked it with ink.

Keep that air vent unplugged (without the rubber plug).

You can easily take these chips from the PiezoFlush carts off and put them on the ink carts. Video/instructions abound.